Adress: Hermann-Weinhauser-Str. 73, D-81673 Munich, Germany
Usage: Office, hotel
Floor space: Above ground, 14,371 sqm
Floors above ground: ground floor + 5 plinth floors + 9 tower floors + 1 penthouse floor with roof terrace
Floors below ground: 2 with parking space for 140 cars, utilities, storage rooms
Start of construction: 2017
Estimated completion date: approx. 3rd quarter 2020
  • Reinforced concrete frame with metal element façade
  • Clear ceiling heights up to approx. 3 m
  • Sunlight/heat-insulated glass with internal anti-glare
  • Heating/cooling ceiling or heating/cooling sail
  • Flexible lighting concept with floor lamps, ceiling lamps as suspended Design objects
  • Scope of cooling and ventilation can be adjusted according to tenant desires
  • Neighborhood heating connection
  • Refrigeration using high-efficiency chillers
  • Electronic access control via transponder
  • Façade traversing systems