Baumkirchen-Mitte set to get more homely

170 flats from the first phase of construction have been finished since June 2016: In late summer, removals vans and furniture suppliers crossed paths in front of the buildings on Hermann-Weinhauser-Straße, and while the stairwells were given their last finishing touches, doormats were already being laid outside people’s front doors. Most residents wasted no time setting up their private roof gardens with evident pride. Up here, on the sixth and seventh floor, it is possible to focus entirely on individually landscaping the open-air oasis adjoining each flat with an Alpine panorama – whether with lounge furniture or paddling pools, beer garden tables or designer furniture. In the raised beds, roses and lavender bloomed, while the first herbs and vegetables were ready for harvesting. Beside their own piece of rooftop garden, every house also has a communal roof area where a fruitful neighbourhood community is set to grow in the coming years.

The second and third construction phases are also progressing quickly. While all flats here have already been sold, there is still a chance to purchase one of the last 50 flats in the fourth and final construction phase!

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Sporting pursuits in the new hall

Right next to the fast growing shopping centre on Baumkirchner Straße, the Eisenbahner Sport Verein, ESV München Ost e.V. has moved into its temporary home. This “interim solution” was necessary because of the swift progress of the district’s development: The ESV had to leave its old hall sooner than initially planned and will continue its sporting programme for around 2,500 club members and numerous external users on Baumkirchner Straße over the coming three years. President Peter Baier, who has been running the club for more than 20 years, is pleased that the old structurally and technically outdated hall from the post-war period is now a thing of the past. The club has already started planning the construction of its new triple purpose sports hall on Neumarkter Straße. This is where ESV will find its permanent home from 2019 onwards. Until then, however, the interim solution is much more than just provisional accommodation; even now, it is much larger and more up-to-date that the old ESV hall.

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By bike: The Michaeligarten
Michaeligarten in Ostpark is one of the few beer gardens in the area where you can sit and enjoy a beer right by the lake. The highly sought after tables and benches go right up to the water’s edge – and it’s hardly surprising as a view of the ducks, swans and fountains in the evening is wonderfully relaxing after a long day at the office.

By car: The Riem Arcaden
Barely six kilometres away from NEO is Munich’s third largest shopping paradise, the Riem Arcaden. Across three storeys with more than 120 shops, you can go on an extensive shopping spree, but also make some quick purchases. Whether you are really hungry or just a little peckish, the food court is guaranteed to have something just right. The centre also has its own app, updated every day, to help you get your bearings quickly.

On foot: The NEO parkland
If you really want to get moving during your lunch break, you can set off from NEO to explore the area’s own parkland: You have to go at quite a pace to get across the wooden bridges all the way to the end of the expansive area. And you also have to resist the temptation to lose yourself in close contemplation of the diverse flora and fauna. But a more leisurely pace isn’t the worst alternative ...
Just let the others do it … if you want to be pampered and spoilt professionally in the lunch break or in the evening, there are various offers available all around NEO just a short distance away.

The Alzira Spa & Wellness is a place of peace and relaxation, despite being on the busy Kreiller Straße. Beauty and spa treatments to the sound of Brazilian music are offered to both men and women.

Saloons Gentlemen, Truderinger Straße 261, specialise in maintaining and removing men’s hair, as the name suggests – head hair as much as hair sprouting on the face. The offer varies from ear hair removal with a fire staff (!) for 9 euros to the men’s spa package for 59 euros.

The expansive Sauna im Michaelibad offers no fewer than four way to sweat: In addition to the classic Finnish sauna at a dry 95°C, there is a sanarium (about 60°C) with changing coloured lights and the comparably mild steam room at about 45°C as well as the earth loft sauna (about 80°C) which is buried in a mound of earth and was built with special Kelo wood from Finland, more than 100 years old and completely untreated.

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Life in the track bed

Where in the world could this happen? In Munich, at least, only in Baumkirchen Mitte district. The park-like grounds of the neighborhood are unique because the so-called ecological priority area can be accessed on boardwalks – and thus experienced – by the people who live and work here. In the nutrient-poor soil between the abandoned tracks, a unique habitat for rare plant and animal species has evolved over the years. One is the blue-winged grasshopper.

Buddleja davidii, the butterfly bush, is a member of the buddlejaceae family. The deciduous bush can reach a height of three to four meters and develops large bluish purple panicles from June to October. Their enticing scent attracts butterflies, such as red admirals, small tortoiseshells, European peacocks, common brimstones and small whites practically in swarms. This brush, also popular in many gardens, has taken root in many places in the nature park at the triangular junction. It does not grow quite such lavish flowers from the nutrient-poor soil here, but in return, the wood becomes stronger and, accordingly, the shrub is more robust. In particular, its ability to survive well even in periods of drought means the butterfly buddleia is ideal for the Baumkirchen Mitte biotope.

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Office 21 – The future of work in the sights of science

How will we work and live in the future? As with every type of futurology, this question can be easily accused of being pure speculation. However, scientific concepts such as the joint research project Office 21 initiated by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO, Frauenhofer institute for Industrial Engineering) show that the future of work has long since left the realms of idle speculation. As an affiliate partner of the IAO, CA Immo not only benefits from the research results, but also contributes its own experience to the project.
Significantly: Working in a knowledge-based society
An undeniable starting point in the profound change is the transformation, which has long since been achieved and is steadily progressing, from a society based on production and services to one based on knowledge, accompanied by the recognition that this knowledge must be distributed in order to be productive. The result is a growing need for cooperation and communication – and out of that, the need for adequate working environments: The offices in which knowledge professionals work must improve performance, sustain health and be inspiring. Technical functionality is absolutely essential.

Changing tasks, increased internationality and constant acquisition of new knowledge shape the knowledge-based world of work. Competitive work on all levels and self-organised teamwork are as much a requirement as they are a result of successful processes.
New world of work – new values
The most important corporate resource is and remains the employee – inasmuch as they are not only professionally but also mentally a part of the business community and share and live out its central values.

Openness for positive coexistence and interest in the work of others

Willingness to cooperate and readiness to help

Community based on motivation and mutual trust

Sustainability in terms of the efficient use of space, infrastructure and natural resources

Accessibility of the office – even in the most pragmatic sense of being able to reach it optimally using public transport. 

Of course, it is not only the employees’ responsibility to provide and develop relevant values – on the contrary, the employers must create an atmosphere that is considerate in all respects. It should be worth the effort because the benefits are overwhelming. Here the Fraunhofer IAO cites factors including the significantly better possibility of integrating freelancers into projects, creating synergies, discovering talents and – last but not least – implementing projects more quickly and more sustainably.


What is your personal opinion of the new working world: Are you already there? Or do you still have your doubts? Find out, compare and share your results at .

Fitness-Tool Cubii
Peddling like mad in the office without actually going anywhere? In future, more and more pen pushers could get behind this idea: Especially when the wheels are turning under the desk. The compact fitness tool Cubii was invented by three graduates from the University of Chicago, who had examined the health risks of sitting for hours at a time – and the benefits of moderate exercise. Cubii, programmable with different levels of resistance, keeps not only the muscles and the cardiovascular system going, but also your personal energy balance, burning up to 150 calories an hour. 

Bento Box
The Red Dot Design Award-winning Bento Box from the French brand monbento is ideal for enjoying fresh and homemade food from couscous to salad to cake while at work or on a trip. The airtight containers keep breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks to hand while the Nomad cutlery set fits snugly beneath the top lid. The Japanese-style lunchbox is suitable for use in microwaves and dishwashers.

Yakkay bicycle helmets
Hat and that’s that! If you think multi-coloured bicycle helmets clash with your business attire but you still want to protect your head from injuries if you fall, then maybe a helmet in the shape of a hat could be an acceptable solution to this dilemma: At first glance, the models look like baseball caps or knitted hats, sun hats or classic men’s hats, but under the fashionable material covers, they conceal hard frames meeting all the usual safety requirements. In our online shop, you can design helmets and covers individually and for a custom-fit.